You don't have to be perfect to be the perfect parent!

The “in” names for 2011!

Does your child have an “in” name?

I read this week that the Social Security Administration released the top 1000 names for 2011.  Names are a funny thing; they kind of match the times.  We hear a name and you can almost tell what decade the person was born!  I can remember a boy in our neighborhood growing up who we all thought had the oddest name…Zach!  Not so odd now, right?  (Guess that shows my age!)  When I named our third daughter, I had no idea that Kaitlyn would be so popular.  I literally saw two other babies in the nursery named Kaitlyn the day after she was born. The poor child thought her first name was Kaitlyn L. in kindergarten because that was what she was called to differentiate between the other 3 Kaitlyns in her class!  I received a Mother’s Day Card from Kaitlyn L. that year.   Her name is so 1990!  Names definitely can be trendy, and sometimes I think parents work very hard to find a name they feel is unique.  Sometimes unique is good as long as your child can eventually spell it correctly!

So, according to the list released….here are the top 10 girls and boys names of 2011.  You decide if they are your favorites or if your child’s name is “in”.  It seems that names ending in the letter “n” are some of the most popular for boys.  Mason knocked Anthony out of the top 10 for boys and is the only newcomer to the top 10 list for boys or girls.  Parents of girls seem to like names ending in “a” with 6 of the 10 most popular girls’ names ending in “a”.

Top 10 Boys’ names

1. Jacob
2. Mason
3. William
4. Jayden
5. Noah
6. Michael
7. Ethan
8. Alexander
9. Aiden
10. Daniel

Top 10 Girls’ names

1. Sophia
2. Isabella
3. Emma
4. Olivia
5. Ava
6. Emily
7. Abigail
8. Madison
9. Mia
10. Chloe

After the most popular, the list also covered the names that are moving up in the top 1000 list the quickest.  One of these names may become the new “Jacob” which has topped the top 10 list for boys for the last 13 years!

Fastest rising Boys’ names

1. Brantley
2. Iker
3. Maximiliano
4. Zaiden
5. Kamden
6. Barrett
7. Archer
8. Declan
9. Atticus
10. Nico

Fastest rising Girls’ names

1. Briella
2. Angelique
3. Aria
4. Mila
5. Elsie
6. Nylah
7. Raelynn
8. Brynlee
9. Olive
10. June

The most interesting thing about names I think is that after you name your sweet baby, and look into your baby’s eyes those first few weeks….suddenly your baby starts to really look like his or her name!  I can’t imagine that our Corri, Kelsey, Kaitlyn or Connor could ever have fit any other name….their names fit each of them perfectly.  So take a look at these lists…did you pick a trendy name?  Years from now, will your child’s name be so 2011???

Take a breath, enjoy the joyful moments of each day, and remember you don’t have to be perfect to be the perfect parent.


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