You don't have to be perfect to be the perfect parent!

Take Advantage of the Heat…S-L-O-W down.

Slow down and eat more ice cream this weekend! 

I found something out the other day…sometimes the heat makes you slow down and enjoy each other!  We are in the middle of a heat wave here in the Midwest.  When I say it is hot…I mean it is HOT!  Too hot to even sit in the pool water that feels like a luke warm bath tub right now.  With the temperature hovering near the 100 degree mark again this weekend, many are complaining about the heat.  There definitely are some disadvantages, but I found a few advantages too.

  1. There is nothing like walking into a cool movie theater carrying a box of popcorn and a sweater to stay warm when it is hot and humid outside.  We had a great afternoon at the movies the other day!
  2. If you sit very still outside, the heat is tolerable in the evening.  How often do I just sit and quietly watch and listen on my back porch?  Not very often, usually I feel the urgent need to sweep, weed, straighten, or the list goes on.  It is too hot to move…so sit still and enjoy.  We sat very quietly outside last evening after dinner.  No fast moving, no fast talking, nothing but slow and together.
  3. Board games are great in the summer and the winter!  So often we never touch a board game or card game except through the winter holidays when everyone is home.  A game together is the perfect way to spend a long hot afternoon.
  4. The local museums are air conditioned!  An afternoon at a museum that you always wanted to visit but haven’t or a visit to my favorite the Indianapolis Children’s Museum is a great way to spend time together and beat the heat.
  5. A drive and ice cream.  Wanting to get out of the house but not walk in the heat, we took off for a drive around Morse Lake and a stop at Alexander’s Ice Cream.  Funny how a drive in the car with no real destination is more fun and ice cream makes everything fun.
  6. Conversation.  It seems that once we slow down in our house, great conversation starts.  Sometimes the discussions become a bit intense, sometimes they are just plain funny, but they are moments that are wonderful.  As parents you really learn who your kids are when conversation is allowed to flow freely with no real intended message or topic.  Too hot to move?….Start talking.

So, another hot weekend ahead.  Take this opportunity to S-L-O-W down and enjoy, it doesn’t look like it is cooling off any time soon.

Take a breath, enjoy the joyful moments of each day, and remember you don’t have to be perfect to be the perfect parent.


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