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Monthly Archives: February, 2013

New treatment guidelines for ear infections!

There is nothing worse than seeing your child not feeling well and in pain.  Ear infections are a common childhood illness; very few children make it through childhood without at least one ear infection.  When my kids were little, an ear infection meant 10 days of the “pink medicine”.  However, since 2004 The American Academy …

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There are days when we are simply NOT “Parent of the Year” material!

There are days that we are simply not “Parent of the Year” material, and that is OK! Well…there are days when I deserve “Mom of the Year” awards and there are days when I don’t.  I still struggle at times with emotions and feelings when I question if I just parented correctly, even with semi-adult …

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The 2013 Immunization Schedule is Out! Trust the Research and Don’t Wait, Vaccinate!

The best way to protect your child from serious illnesses is to vaccinate on time! Every year at this time new immunization recommendations are published.  These recommendations often show updates in science and studies, in other words the schedule reflects evidence that we can protect our children better against life threatening illnesses with vaccines given …

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