You don't have to be perfect to be the perfect parent!

The 2013 Immunization Schedule is Out! Trust the Research and Don’t Wait, Vaccinate!


The best way to protect your child from serious illnesses is to vaccinate on time!

Every year at this time new immunization recommendations are published.  These recommendations often show updates in science and studies, in other words the schedule reflects evidence that we can protect our children better against life threatening illnesses with vaccines given on a particular schedule.  Our children are now protected from illnesses that most of us have never seen…illnesses that we never want to see!  There are only a few updates to the 2013 immunization recommendations this year.  The schedule is simplified into one chart now from birth to age 18.

Here are the 2013 updates and a few reminders about the immunization schedule:

  • The vaccine schedule is always based on research that shows the best timing of vaccines to protect our children when they may be the most vulnerable.  Lately we have seen a resurgence of pertussis or whooping cough.  Over the last few years there have been changes in the recommendations regarding the Tdap vaccine because of this resurgence.  We know that our immunity to pertussis does decrease over time, even with booster vaccines.  Infants are at great risk, thus the new recommendation that pregnant Moms receive a Tdap vaccine ( tetanus, diphtheria, and “whooping cough” or pertussis) IN THE THIRD TRIMESTER OF EVERY PREGNANCY.  This will provide some protection to baby at birth.  Infants do not receive their first Dtap vaccine until 2 months of age. 90% of the deaths due to pertussis are infants.  The best protection for infants is to be sure that all children and adults are up to date with their Tdap boosters.
  • There are a few new recommendations for children who have immune deficiencies or have high risk conditions.  These are noted in the footnotes of the schedule.
  • Remember that it is recommended that boys and girls receive the HPV three shot series starting at age 11. 
  • Flu shots are recommended for all children (and adults) beginning at age 6 months.  This is an annual vaccine!  Everyone should be vaccinated against the flu in the fall of the year, but it is not too late to protect your child now, flu season lasts through March.
  • There are a few new updates for those children that are behind on vaccines that are noted on the schedule.

This all can be confusing to parents; however there is an easy to read chart put out by the CDC for parents.  Take a look at these schedules, and trust that your health care provider and the medical community have done their homework!  This schedule is backed by research.    Vaccines are not fun for children, but the protection that they provide is something that no child should be without!

Easy-to-Read Immunization Schedule For Babies and Young Children  

Easy-to-Read Immunization Schedule For Children & Teens 7-18 Years.

Take a breath, enjoy the joyful moments of each day, and remember you don’t have to be perfect to be the perfect parent.


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