You don't have to be perfect to be the perfect parent!

Bike helmets protect, they are a must!

bike helmets on kids

Helmets worn properly will prevent 85% of head injuries from bike crashes…they are a must!

Spring weather is here, finally. Hopefully you have gotten outside to play with your child. Outside play is so important for so many different reasons. Biking was always a favorite activity at our house, and still is. Bike helmets have come a long way from when my kids were young, and thankfully I see more and more kids wearing them. I hope that they are becoming part of the “cool factor” for kids. Encouraging the use of bike helmets is a must as a parent. Studies show that 85% of head injuries from bicycle crashes can be prevented if a helmet is worn properly! That is a pretty convincing statistic! As with anything, a habit is much easier to form when you are consistent and there are no other options. From the moment you put your child in a bike seat, or your child sits on a trike or Big Wheel, a helmet should be on his head.  If children realize that a helmet is a must from the toddler years on, then hopefully when you see your teen leave your home on a bike, there will be a helmet on his head!
    Since 1999, all helmets must meet the mandatory safety standards of the Consumer Product Safety Commission. So, that helmet you buy at Wal-Mart is as safe as the helmet you buy at that specialty bike store. Helmets are one of those items that you should not buy 2nd hand at your neighborhood garage sale. Buy the bike there (I am all about bargains) but not the helmet. New is better for a helmet, that way you are sure of the age of the helmet and its history. Helmets that have been involved in a crash should be replaced.
A helmet does protect your child’s head in a crash, but it must be worn correctly to do its job. A helmet should be worn squarely on top of the head, and should cover the top of the forehead. The kids I see riding bikes with the helmet sitting on the back of their head, unstrapped, or sliding are not protected. The helmet should not move around or slide over eyes or to the back of the head. The chin strap should fit snug under the chin…yes you will have to be careful not to pinch those little chins when buckling! Unfortunately I did pinch a few of my kids’ little chunky chins, but their heads were protected!bike helmets fit
There are helmets made for all sizes of children. You will need to look at the box, and use the pads the helmet comes with to be sure that your child is fitted well. Babies younger than 1 year should not wear helmets because of their weak necks and poor head control…and they should not be in any type of bike carrier (seat or trailer) until age 1.
So, are you ready for a spring bike ride?  Then head to the store and purchase a bike helmet for EVERYONE in your family. Remember, setting an example is the best way to teach. So, get used to the helmet head hair, protect yourself and your child….bike helmets are a must.

Take a breath, enjoy the joyful moments of each day, and remember you don’t have to be perfect to be the perfect parent.


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