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Monthly Archives: May, 2013

Study proves again that bed sharing is not safe for newborns!

Study proves again that sleeping with your baby is simply not safe! A new study was just published that proves once again what we all ready know.  Bed sharing is not the safest way for your baby to sleep.  This latest study states  that infants who “share a bed with their parents during the first 3 …

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Vitamin D…is your child getting enough?

Vitamin D…also known as the “sunshine vitamin” is important for your child!  Most children need a supplement of 400 IU a day, is your child getting it? There are few weeks that go by that a parent does not ask me about vitamins and vitamin D in particular.  It definitely has been the vitamin of the moment …

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Summer heat and heat rash!

It has been hot…do you see little red bumps on your child in areas that often are moist with perspiration?  This just may be heat rash.  These little red bumps may be seen on the back of the neck, chest, and maybe even in folds on arms and legs.  Wash the area with cool water …

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A grocery store with no carts! Try the Farmer’s Market with your kids!

Trying something new is only one of the benefits of taking your child to the local Farmer’s Market! Looking for something to do this coming weekend?  One of my favorite Saturday activities will begin again this week.  The local Farmer’s Market will open and I will be there with my cup of coffee in hand …

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Swimmer’s ear…no fun in the summer!

It is swim season and with swimming comes fun but sometimes kids will develop swimmer’s ear….not so fun.   We had a few family vacations with a trip to the urgent care for one of the kids with swimmer’s ear! Swimmer’s ear or otitis externa (big word for infection of the external ear) is an infection in …

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My life is like a laundry basket….

My life is like a laundry basket.  Wow, that does not sound too terribly profound or exciting!  I came to that conclusion this morning as I carried a meager load to the laundry room before work.  I looked at my basket and it was nearly empty.  For whatever reason, my laundry basket has been a …

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