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Monthly Archives: June, 2013

Sports drinks: not the right choice for children!

Protect those sweet smiles…stick to milk and water for your child’s drinks! I have always loved watching my kids compete in athletics and enjoy friends and teammates.  Such valuable life lessons can be learned through working together as a team. When I attend these events,  there are a lot of sports drinks being consumed by a lot of athletes, …

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Parents of Budding Athletes, Let’s Take the Snack Back!

Parents, let’s work together to refuel our kids with healthy snacks after athletic events! My daughter is coaching a summer track program this year.  I went out to watch a meet the other day.  It was such fun to see her in the role of coach!  It was almost as much fun watching the small …

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Maryland is right in my opinion…bumper pads should be against the law!

This is cute….but not safe!  Maryland has banned the sale of bumper pads in that state…I think all states should.  What do you think? I always get upset when I walk into a store that carries bedding for babies and see a darling crib decked out with bumper pads and a thick comforter.  What a wrong …

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Why keeping the peace at home may be even more important….

New study on sibling bullying…something all parents of more than one child need to think about!  When is rivalry really bullying? Last night after dinner my two kids that are home for the summer were helping clean up the kitchen.  Even at their “mature” age there was just a few jabs thrown about who was working …

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Study Shows That the Developmental milestone of rolling over the same after 20 years of “Back to Sleep”

Safe sleep logo…Back to Sleep started 20 years ago! I can’t believe it has been 20 years.…20 years since the “Back to Sleep” campaign, now known as the “Safe Sleep” campaign, was started.  My 20 year old son had just been born when this campaign became a focus for safe sleep and prevention of SIDS.  No longer did …

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Helping your child become financially savvy!

Teaching children about money is an important lesson!  Children need to learn the value of money, how to save for something in the future, and the importance of giving to others.  Teaching children how to save incorporates several important life lessons such as delayed gratification,  preparing for the future, and self control.  All important lessons I think! …

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Summer is a great time to try a little slower parenting!

Summer is the perfect time to S-l-o-w  D-o-w-n your parenting!  Take a moment to “chill” this week and you might feel better and your child may just learn more!  The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends less scheduling, lots of play, simple toys and lots of time as a family for a child’s healthy development.  What …

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