You don't have to be perfect to be the perfect parent!

Simple tips for you and your child to live a bit “greener” and be healthier!

Keep the changes simple and your child will become “greener” and healthier…

I am all about keeping things simple because I know if I try too much too quickly I usually drop the ball.  Helping your child learn to be healthier and a little “greener” really can be simple.  Remember that children learn best by just doing…every day lessons work the best.  Keep it simple, keep it fun, and suddenly your entire family will be a bit greener and a lot healthier.

Simple tips for you and your child to live a bit “greener” and be healthier!

  • Eat local organic food when you can.  There is some debate on the health benefits of eating organic but eliminating some of the riskier foods is most beneficial.  The most pesticide-laden foods include the dirty dozen.  Spend your dollars on those foods especially.  Eating fresh and local is always the best choice, even if it is not certified organic.  Remember, fresh is best, frozen is next and canned is least healthy.  Broaden your horizons, eat what is in season.  Try new things.  Apples and green beans are just the start…what about squash, turnips, and more?  🙂
  • Eliminate plastics and packaging as much as you can.  Buy food in bulk.  Store in glass containers and do not microwave food in plastic containers.  Eliminate things like juice boxes and plastic water bottles—excess waste, use a cup!  🙂
  • Clean more naturally.  Our skin and lungs can soak up many chemicals. Use natural cleaning products in your home or make your own.  Use cloth cleaning rags, cut down on paper towels!
  • Make recycling an every day occurrence.  Teach your child what is trash and what is recyclable.  Even a toddler can help put the recyclables in the bins!
  • Teach your child respect for the earth.  Read books that teach about nature, take hikes and talk about ways to take care of their world.  Children that love the outdoors want to take care of it!
  • Green crafts…use both sides of the paper, use recycled materials to create.  What can you create with items you have at home?
  • Teach about waste.  Turn off the water when brushing teeth, assign a child to be the “light deputy” turning off unneeded lights….other suggestions?
  • Teach your child the art of giving.  Go through toys and clothing together and pass on to others as your child outgrows them.  Teach about wants and needs.
  • Garden together.  Plan trips to local farmer’s markets, orchards and farms.  Exposing your child to how food is produced gets him excited about eating healthy!  Be sure that your child knows what fresh looks like!
  • Make it fun, set up week-long challenges like keeping lights to a minimum, eat by candlelight, see if you can have more recyclables than trash, volunteer as a family to clean up trash in your home town park…..other suggestions?…..

Share your ideas on how to encourage your family to live a “greener” healthier life.  Remember….make simple and make it fun!

Take a breath, enjoy the joyful moments of each day, and remember you don’t have to be perfect to be the perfect parent.


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