You don't have to be perfect to be the perfect parent!

New Year…New Hopes…New Beginnings



2014….What are your hopes for your family?

There really is no magic to the first of January (or January 2nd!).  This time of year often brings moments of reflection, thoughts of ways to improve, new goals and mindsets.  However, the first of January really is no different from the start of every day, it is a new beginning.  New beginnings are wonderful; it is a clean slate…a chance to do better or be better, a chance to enjoy more…a chance to love more.  Here is to new beginnings…whether it is January 1st 2014, January 2nd 2014, or June 6th 2014.  Here are a few hopes that I have for parents in 2014….(that includes me!)

1.        Parents will all live and love in the moment, realizing that parenting is a process over many years.  One success or one failure does not determine our effectiveness as parents!

2.       Parents will realize the importance of loving rituals and traditions in their child’s life establishing the “glue” that will hold their family together during both good and challenging times.

3.       Parents will limit the use of “screen time” in their child’s life, increasing time of creativity, imagination, discovery, reading and play.

4.       Parents will embrace the temperament and personality of their child, building on their strengths and uniqueness and accepting their weaknesses and challenges.

5.       Parents will foster a servant’s heart in their child, opening up opportunities to volunteer, serve, and develop passion for good in their life.

6.       Parents will take time for themselves, nurture adult relationships, friendships, and take the alone time that is needed for rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation. 

7.       Families will eat healthier and exercise together fostering good health habits for our next generation, not focusing on weight but health.

8.       Parents will seek information regarding their child’s health, ask questions, make informed decisions, and become partners with their health care providers.

9.       Parents will trust their “gut” be confident and parent accordingly, knowing that what is right for their child and their family may be different from what is right for other families and other children.  Parent without judgment!

10.   What is your hope for parents and families in 2014???  Share your ideas for number 10!!

Let us all start each day with the resolve to love more, enjoy more, smile more, and be our best.  That mindset will allow us to parent in the best way…one moment at a time.  Happy New Year! 

Take a breath, enjoy the joyful moments of each day, and remember you don’t have to be perfect to be the perfect parent.


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