You don't have to be perfect to be the perfect parent!

Bask in the “gold medal moments” in your child’s life

Enjoy the “gold medal moments” in your child’s life!

It is tough for me to get up and moving this morning.  I have been consumed by the Olympics!  These late nights of television make it a bit more difficult for my feet to hit the floor in the mornings!  It is well worth it though; it has been incredible to see the accomplishments of our Olympic athletes.  I LOVE watching the ice skating competitions especially (I have secretly always wanted to be graceful on ice!) While watching the many talented athletes last night, I saw the faces of a couple Moms and could almost physically feel their pride and emotion. I could almost feel the emotion, because I have been there.  No, none of my children have been gold medal winners at the Olympics, but parenting has a way of filling your life with extreme emotions at times, and pride is one of them.  A child winning a gold medal is something that most of us will never experience, but I promise you will feel the same sense of pride and emotion when your child toddles across the floor the first time, works hard to complete a school project well, scores that first soccer goal, reaches out in kindness to another child without your prompting, or makes the right decision in a difficult moment.  That feeling of love and pride that wells up inside of you is amazing.  It is a different feeling than bragging, it is an emotion that is difficult to explain.  When you feel it, bask in it.  That is one of the true joys of parenting.  Often that emotion does not come with “winning”; but when you see a wonderful glimpse of the core values your child is developing.  Your child will feel it too, and in that split second when you lock eyes and you both are filled with love and pride, you will swear you could burst. My four children have brought me many moments of true pride, even without a gold medal.  Embrace those moments, bask in the “gold medal moment” with your child, you both deserve it.

Take a breath, enjoy the joyful moments of each day, and remember you don’t have to be perfect to be the perfect parent.


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