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Monthly Archives: March, 2014

The New Statistics on Autism…What Do They Mean?

Autism in in the news again with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reporting this week that rates climbed by 30% from 2008 to 2010. With statistics like this, how can a parent not look at his child and begin to worry? There will be much written about this study….many potential reasons for the …

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Keeping the peace….

All smiles building the sandcastle…took some sibling cooperation…but life with four kids wasn’t always full of sibling cooperation! “Mom, she is looking at me!”  “Mom, she is touching my stuff!”  “He called me dumb!”  “Ow, quit pinching me!”  Ahh, the sounds of loving sisters and brothers.  I have heard these “wonderful” sounds often in our …

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Keeping the joy of childhood

Is this 2 year old joy or what??!! My most frequent prayer for my children lately is for their true joy and happiness as they enter the adult world.  I realize now that I really have very little control over their happiness at this stage in their life.  Their happiness must come from within themselves, and …

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Steps 7-12…helping your child develop self-confidence

The next 6 steps a parent can take to help a child develop that ever important self-confidence! 7.  Promote independence Let a child explore his or her world freely.  Make your home as safe as possible so mobile infants and toddlers can explore safely.  Let your child “step away” from you!  Take a deep breath …

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Steps 1-6…helping your child develop self-confidence

Self-confidence is more than just a warm and fuzzy term.  Studies show that people who have high self-esteem and confidence are more successful in school, get along better with friends, are less influenced by peer pressure, and better handle the difficulties of life.  There is no quick fix for confidence.  It is built slowly; it …

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Sippy cups are temporary!

Sippy cups serve a purpose….temporarily!  Introduce a cup at 6 months of age, and the sippy cup should be transitioned to a lidless cup by age 3. There have been so many new baby product developments over the years…some very good, some not so much.  The sippy cup is one that has really changed over …

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White noise makers….are they helpful or dangerous?

New study questions the use of white noise for infant sleep……is it helpful or dangerous?? How to help infant sleep patterns is a common question I get almost daily.  Exhausted Moms want to know how they can help their infant sleep better and longer resulting in them getting some precious sleep time too!  I have …

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Be sure your have a healthcare provider on your “team”….

Providing your child routine checkups with a healthcare provider you know and trust is so important in your child’s healthy development! I am looking at my “to do list” today and once again I realize how busy I am.  Families are just spread thin!  The idea of adding one more appointment to your list may …

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