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Monthly Archives: May, 2014

Are you a worry wart? Learn to stop so you can enjoy parenting.

  If you worry about what might be…and wonder what might have been…you will ignore what is. Anonymous I admit it, I worry.  I may even call myself a worry wart.  Over the years, I have worried over some pretty silly things.  Did it matter that my daughter wanted to wear a pink dress up tutu …

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Celebrate a REAL Memorial Day with your children

Have fun as a family and truly celebrate Memorial Day! Memorial Day Weekend… cookouts, family gatherings, opening day of the pool and some great sales at the mall.  For most of us, those activities are what Memorial Day is all about.  In recent years, many of us know soldiers that have risked his or her …

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Summer is here! What is on Your 2014 Summer Bucket List?

What will you do this summer?  Share your summer bucket list, here is mine! Memorial Day is around the corner, and summer is finally here.  I love summer!  I remember when the kids were in grade school and we would leave the school parking lot on the last day of school with the windows rolled …

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A parenting must on your “to do” list…outside every day, and a little dirt too!

Get outside and get a little dirty….it has more benefits for your child and you than you know!  Raising children can bring all kinds of questions and anxiety.  So often parents just wonder if “I am doing it right.”  I often tell parents that parenting with their “gut” is often the best, there are not many …

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Take Care of YOU!

Motherhood is wonderful career….did I say career?  Yes!  No matter what your educational background is, what type of job you have now or have had in the past, or what your career goals are; as soon as you hold your baby in your arms, guess what…your career is motherhood.  The career of motherhood is very …

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Be sure your baby is cocooned in protection from whooping cough!

Cocoon your baby with protection from whooping cough!  Make sure everyone who has contact with your baby has had a Tdap vaccine.  Moms, you should receive a Tdap vaccine during EVERY pregnancy in the 3rd trimester!! What parent wouldn’t like to put their baby in a protective cocoon to prevent any illness?  Illness is a worry of …

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