You don't have to be perfect to be the perfect parent!

Parents and Grandparents, are your vaccines up to date?

Parents and Grandparents…you need vaccines too!  Protect the children you love and yourselves!

I had a new Dad to be come into our clinic yesterday.  He was requesting “that shot for new Dads so I won’t give my baby whooping cough.”  Yes!  I immediately praised him for being such a great Dad even before his little one entered the world, sat him down and gave the shot.  I talk a lot about the importance of vaccines for children, but there are several that are a must for adults too!  One of the most important for all adults, especially parents and grandparents of infants, is the Tdap because we want to cocoon our babies in protection from whooping cough.

The flu shot is another must for adults.  Flu season is upon us!  As fall approaches every year I get on my soap box preaching the necessity of a flu shot …be prepared!  Even when the flu shot is not a great match (this year is an example), getting it provides you and your children some protection.  Flu cases will be less severe if you have had the shot.  We need to protect the most vulnerable, our babies who are under 6 months of age and unable to receive a flu shot.

Remind your parents and grandparents that the shingles shot is a very good idea.  The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends the shingles vaccine for adults age 60 and older to prevent shingles.  Shingles is a very painful disease that can result in a lifetime of post herpatic nerve pain. Adults who receive the vaccine decrease their risk by about 50% in developing the disease, and if they do develop shingles, the disease is less severe.  My parents have gotten the vaccine…encourage your parents too!

All adults age 65 and older should consider a pneumonia shot the PPSV23 and recently it has been recommended that seniors should also receive the PCV13 to further protect them from pneumonia.  Both are one time injections.

So, vaccines are not just for kids…many of us need to update our vaccines too.  Parents and Grandparents, make sure you have had your Tdap vaccine, flu shots are a must for everyone each year, and those who are 60 and older, consider the shingles vaccine and 65 and older the pneumonia vaccines.  Roll up your sleeves, sing your ABC’s or count to 10, and then go out for ice cream afterwards.  It is important to protect our children, ourselves and the special grandparents in our lives!

Take a breath, enjoy the joyful moments of each day, and remember you don’t have to be perfect to be the perfect parent.


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