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Monthly Archives: January, 2015

Don’t Wait! Vaccinate! Measles outbreak continues to grow!!

Have you heard the news?  There has been several documented cases of measles and there will probably be more.  How can this be?  Families traveling to one of the most exciting places around, Disney Land were exposed to a case of measles!  If children were not protected by vaccination or were too young to receive …

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What is the best way to prevent illness? A little soap and water!

Wish you could put a bubble over your child to protect him from all the nasty sickness that is out there right now?  It seems that everywhere you look someone is coughing, or you hear that someone else just came down with a stomach flu bug.  Yuck!  Parents are always asking me the best way …

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Fever…what do I do?

This week in my groups we have been talking a lot about illness and children.  Fever seems to strike fear in every parent.  I too hated to walk in to one of my kid’s rooms and put my cheek to theirs and feel that hot little face.  I always had to “talk myself down” when …

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Your child said what??? Don’t pull out the soap….this works better…..

What do you do when your sweet child utters a four letter word??? There are few things more shocking than hearing the sweet voice of your child say a 4 letter word…in the correct context no less! It is not uncommon for parents to look at me with shocked eyes and whisper, “Do you know …

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