You don't have to be perfect to be the perfect parent!

Date night on a budget!

Be creative and have a “date night”, every parent needs one! 

After the talk about reconnecting as a couple, I thought we better talk a bit about how do it on a budget.  I am not saying that I am a “cheap” date, but I am all about atmosphere and mood, not necessarily expense.  I always say that even meatloaf can be a romantic dinner if the candles are lit!  Get creative, think outside of the box, try something even if it sounds a little silly.  We have so many places to go just in our own neighborhoods that we sometimes forget to try!  Make a commitment to planning a “date night” at least a couple of times a month so you can stay connected to the person who is your best friend, love of your life, and your better half.

1.  Romantic dinner in…try cooking together.  Think chocolate.

2.  Rent a movie, make popcorn and buy candy at Wal-Mart.

3.  DVR your favorite TV shows for a few weeks and have a marathon.

4.  Think Groupon.

5.  Take in the museums.  There are FREE nights…plan ahead.

6.  Check out the local parks for free concerts.

7.  Visit a nature center.

8.  Go ice skating at a local rink.

9.  Have an indoor picnic.

10.  Pretend there is a black out…no electricity all night…no computers or smart phones either.

11. Serve breakfast in bed, serve dinner in bed.

12. Cook fondue.

13.  Dress up in your best clothes and eat take-out.

14.  Remember what it was like to dance?  Dance in your living room.

15.  Work out together.

16.  Go out to a local coffee shop.

17.  Go to a nice restaurant for dessert only.

18.  Have a dinner theme night…Mexican, Italian, Indian, or dessert only.

19.  Have a board game night…get competitive.

20.  Check out the local high school for a concert or play or athletic event.

21.  Butler University has been voted one of the most romantic campuses in the country…go check it out.

22.  Go for a drive and get ice cream.

23 Go to a local bookstore and read.

24.  Go window shopping for a new house, car, or fancy piece of jewelry.  Dream a little.

25.  Put a 1000 piece puzzle together…talk about team work!

26.  Give each other a foot massage.

27.  Go to a local winery and do a wine tasting…it is only expensive if you buy!

28.  Read to each other.

29.   Go on a hike.

30.  Make s’mores inside.

31.  Camp out in your family room.

32.  Check out the observatory at Butler…look at the stars close up!

33. Head to the art galleries in Carmel and finish with coffee or hot chocolate.

34.  Do a local wine and canvas…paint together!

35  Write each other a love letter and then read it to each other.

36.  Take a walking tour of downtown Indy, or the quaint downtown of Zionsville.

37.  Go for a bike ride.

38.  Make a pact not to talk about the kids for a whole night.

39.  Go to a matinée.

40.  Go to a local botanical garden.

41.  Go out to breakfast…it is cheaper than dinner!

42.  Get travel brochures and plan a dream vacation.

43.  Keep a can on your counter.  Eat left overs one night a week for a month and then go to dinner with the money you save!

44.  Sit in an expensive hotel lobby downtown and people watch.

45.  Head to the library together.  Check out an old classic movie to watch.

46.  Teach each other something.

47.  Check out the Indiana Historical Society website…great inexpensive ideas!

48.  Walk along the canal downtown.

49.  Go bowling.

50.  Check out Mass Ave.  People watch!

What are your ideas?  Let us ALL know!  I could use a few new ones after 30 years!

Take a breath, enjoy the joyful moments of each day, and remember you don’t have to be perfect to be the perfect parent.


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