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Monthly Archives: March, 2015

Help take the “ouch” out of vaccines

Shots are not fun for you or your child…here are some tips to help with the “ouch”! Check ups with vaccinations are difficult for parents and children.  That first 2-month-old check up is often dreaded by parents because the first round of vaccines is given at that time.  It is very difficult for a Mommy …

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The “how to” of the discipline process

As promised, we will talk about the approach I like to teach when I speak to parents about discipline.   Remember our mantra:  “Attention is attention to a child whether it is negative or positive, attention to a behavior reinforces it!”  And  “Consistency is the key.” A few pointers to start: 1.  Set realistic guidelines. Know …

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Add a little silliness to your discipline…it works!

A little “clowning around” with discipline will work!  Infuse a little silliness in your day!  🙂 All the discipline discussion over the last few days and I feel like a very serious parent!  Discipline is serious business, and a very real necessity for your child, but there certainly are moments that a little bit of …

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Springing forward….what is a parent to do?

Ahh spring is finally just around the corner…I hope!  It seems that it has been a long sunless winter here in the Midwest!  I am ready for some real sunshine.  That is what I hate the most about midwest winters, the lack of blue sky and sun.  Spring brings more outdoor time for parents and children, teaching …

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Make your home emotionally safe for your child!

Keeping all four kids physically safe was a challenge and providing an emotionally safe environment was just as challenging.  As parents, we always tried to authentically validate each child’s unique needs, feelings, and fears…and each of these little faces had their own…you can almost see each of their own uniqueness in this picture! “Be safe!” …

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Think about a straw cup instead of a sippy!

Sippy cups are everywhere…there are aisles and aisles of them at most discount and baby stores. Cups with soft spouts, cups with hard spouts, cups with valves, cups without valves, cups with straws, cups with handles, and cups of every color and size. Choices, choices and more choices! Once again it seems a parent needs …

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