You don't have to be perfect to be the perfect parent!

Being a parent, is at the top of my Gratitude List….


I am grateful for my life as a Mom….

I am sitting this morning in the quiet, sipping my coffee, my college  aged son is soundly sleeping upstairs,  all four of our children will be home by Wednesday and the house will be lively.  Life is good.  I am grateful.  This time of year always turns my thoughts to gratitude, and I realize that simply because I am a parent, my blessing cup overflows. My children have brought me a greater joy than any other aspect of my life.  I am thankful for my four children for many reasons, but some of the reasons that I am grateful to be a parent include:

·        Parenting Love.  From the moment I “fell in love” with each of my children, the definition of love changed.  A mix of responsibility, awe, pride, wanting more for them than myself and immense love…which has all overflowed back to me, a total gift.

·        Enjoying the wonder.  Being able to enjoy the moments of childhood wonder again, reliving those moments of awe and magic. Experiencing the world new again, even participating in those school projects that I actually learned more from the 2nd (3rd and 4th) time around! (I finally know the state capitals!)  It continues as I watch them as young adults finding their passions in life….the world is completely open to them!

·        Learning that the greatest joy is the joy experienced through a child. The greatest pride is in the accomplishments not of yourself but of your child, and the greatest accomplishments are not material but that moment that you realize your child is a wonderful human being.  There is nothing better than seeing your child become a caring, passionate, adult.

·        Remembering the hugs, kisses, smiles, high fives, and “the looks” I have gotten from each of my kids that showed me I was loved.  Experiencing now, the “I’m home” hugs as they return home from their world now.

·        Loving my husband more.  Children expanded the love I have for my husband.  I loved him with my whole heart before children, but even loved him more and yes maybe differently when I saw him become the amazing Dad he is.  I continue to love him more at each day in our life as he continues to “father” our children at each season in their lives.

·        Remembering the sticky fingers, messy bedrooms, late night “emergency talks” and yes loads of college laundry that have made me feel like a Mom.  Nothing like feeling needed….

·        Realizing that my children have helped me appreciate my own parents.  Until you are a parent, it is difficult to “get it”.  As the years pass, I realize over and over again what sacrifices my own parents made for me; the lessons they taught, the love they lavished, and the roots they gave.  I think that by becoming a parent, you realize more the blessing of your own parents.  There becomes this special bond…a kind of “parenting club” where you finally “get it”.  I am more aware each year of the blessing of my own parents, and am more grateful than ever for their example to me.

·        Realizing that my children have made me a better person.  Our children have brought me challenges that have made me stronger, made me admit my weaknesses and accept them, focused me on prayer and have helped me ever expand my capability to love. Yes….each of them have made me a better person…

Yes, being a parent is at the top of my Gratitude List this Thanksgiving.  My heart is full…Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, may your heart be full of gratitude too.

Take a breath, enjoy the joyful moments of each day, and remember you don’t have to be perfect to be the perfect parent.



  1. So nice! Coming from a large family, I appreciate the joy that kids in the house bring during this season


  2. Jane kaelin

    Being a grandparent helps us relive our times as parents, only without the worries! We are truly blessed with wonderful children and awesome, fun grandchildren! This we are great full for!! Looking forward to Thanksgiving! Proud of you Cindy! Love, Mom and Dad


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