You don't have to be perfect to be the perfect parent!

It is a New Year…New Beginnings for 2018

2018….What are your hopes for your family?

Here it is the 8th of January and I am just beginning to think about this New Year!  Our holiday season was filled to the brim with family, fun and wonderful memories.  The time certainly went quickly and suddenly it is the 8th of January 2018!  There really is no magic to the first of January (or January 8th!), but this time of year always brings me to moments of reflection after the holiday chaos calms down!  I usually have thoughts of ways to improve, some new goals and maybe a new mindset.  However, the first of January really is no different from the start of every day, it is simply a new beginning.  New beginnings are wonderful; it is a clean slate…a chance to do better or be better, a chance to enjoy more…a chance to love more.  So here is to new beginnings…whether it is January 1st 2018, January 8th 2018, or even the new beginning of every morning! I love the idea of starting over each day…kids are great at this!  Every morning we have the chance to start again, no matter how rough the day before was! Here are a few hopes/goals that I have for families in 2018….and that includes my family!

  1. Families will begin each day with excitement and end each day with gratitude. My mantra this year will be “Intentional”.  If we live each moment with intention and our eyes wide open, I believe we will be kinder, gentler, more joyful, and become more grateful. I believe every child should go to sleep thinking of the good things of that day and wake up with thoughts of the good things to come.  We parents can help our children become more mindful by slowing down, helping our children embrace daily life, and reflecting on the good of each day and the hope of tomorrow.
  2. Families will put down the phone, IPad, video games and turn off the TV. This simple act will increase family time for creativity, imagination, discovery and reading both for parents and children! Screens are never a better option than family engagement!
  3. Parents will realize that parenting is a process over many years! We are not always perfect!  One success or one failure does not determine our effectiveness as parents! Children and parents have good days and challenging days…every day presents moments to love, teach, and cherish. Parenting perfection is impossible.
  4. Families will use words to build each other up.  Positive words result in positive feelings and actions. Let’s all commit to less yelling and more praising.
  5. Parents will share positive parenting stories. So often I feel we pull each other down when we only talk about negative parenting experiences. Let’s help each other be positive about our lives as parents and families!  Share today what makes your family wonderful! Sharing the joy results in being joyful.
  6. Families will eat together at least a couple of times a week and will try some new and healthy foods! I have a few new healthy recipes ready to go…new grains and vegetable combinations in many of them! Try to involve the family with some cooking, it may actually promote not only healthier eating but more fun!
  7. Families will embrace the temperament and personality of each family member, supporting them in life’s challenges.  As parents we need to help our children build on their strengths and embrace their challenges in life.  Conquering challenges provides more growth than rescuing children from challenges.  This is what makes our children strong!
  8. Families will find ways to foster service. Together we will look for opportunities to volunteer, serve others, and help children to develop a passion for doing good for others.  This can only result in a better world in which to live. Find one new way to make someone else feel good this year…do it as a family!
  9. Parents will take time for themselves both individually and as couples. They will nurture adult relationships and friendships, and take the alone time that is needed for rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation. Happy parents make happy families!

What are your hopes for parents and families in 2018???  Share your thoughts!  Let us all start each day with the resolve to be intentional, love more, enjoy more, smile more, be grateful and be our best.  That mindset will allow us to parent in the best way…one moment at a time.  Happy New Year!

Take a breath, enjoy the joyful moments of each day, and remember you don’t have to be perfect to be the perfect parent.



  1. What a beautiful goal for the new year. I love your list. I should definitely do many of these things myself.


    • Thanks…I love to remember that each day is a new start…Happy New Year to you! What would you like to add to the list?


  2. Jane Kaelin

    Cindy, great ideas and so doable for the new year!! We are always proud to say you are our daughter!! Keep up your good parenting ideas….I love your motto!! “You don’t have to be perfect to be the perfect parent”!! Just enjoy and love each moment…time flies!!


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