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Monthly Archives: October, 2017

Does your family need a media diet?

For years parents have been encouraged to limit TV and screen time for children…especially preschoolers. We have seen many studies that show children who watch too much TV are more likely to be overweight, have an increased risk of attention problems, and their play is truly interrupted. Children who are exposed to sexual programs are …

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Do Parents Need a “Media Diet”?

What are we and our kids missing when we are “plugged in” to a screen rather than each other? I have become connected to my phone….more than I ever would like to admit that I am.  I didn’t always have a “smart phone”, but I now can’t imagine not having constant connection.  Because of this, …

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How do you play with a toddler?

“I think of play as a toddler’s number one essential vitamin.  He needs large doses of it every day.  Play:  Thrills the senses.  Helps toddlers master movement.  Stretches the mind.  Stimulates language use.  Boosts friend-making skills.  Stimulates the immune system.  Builds self-confidence.  Improves nighttime sleeping.” Dr. Harvey Karp, MD  The Happiest Toddler on the Block                                                    …

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Children’s reaction to the recent national tragedies, how can a parent help.

  The last few weeks it has been very difficult to watch the news, anyone who has a heart has felt it break. Our nation has experienced hurricanes, floods, and now a tragic mass shooting.  Daily we have seen images of hurt, pain, and fear.   We have seen families who have lost their homes, belongings …

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It is that time of year….time for a flu vaccine for everyone 6 months of age and older!

                  It is the time of year when I start my daily reminders to parents (I sometimes can be annoying, I guess)… but it is time…time for that flu shot!  Put your excuses away, everyone 6 months and older should receive a flu shot, no ifs, ands, …

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