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Monthly Archives: January, 2018

Will preschool help your child be academically successful?

Preparing your child for school success includes outings like this!  School readiness is not just about letters and numbers! It is that time of year when parents are beginning to look at preschools for next year.  Sometimes I feel that there is more pressure on parents to find “just the right preschool” than deciding on …

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The child care dilemma, how do you choose?

Tragically, we sometimes see in the news a report about a child’s injury or death in a day care setting.  This is certainly rare, but the safety of child care is a topic that needs to be discussed for all new parents.  As parents, there ARE times that we will not be able to care for our child.  Some …

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The Flu…it is Here! What Can You Do to Keep Your Family Well?

  Influenza or “flu” has certainly hit us hard over the last few weeks.  The CDC tells us that influenza is widespread across our country, and to put it simply, people are sick!  Influenza is a virus that causes high fever, upper respiratory symptoms, aches, ear infections, pneumonia, and yes, it even can cause hospitalization …

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Healthy Eating Starts with Mom and Dad!

I often am asked how to develop healthy eating habits in children.  It is so easy to slip into the chicken nugget black hole when you have young children.  With the obesity rate in children rising in this country, and heart disease in adults taking its toll, we as parents have to think about instilling …

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