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Monthly Archives: June, 2018

Steps 7-12…helping your child develop self-confidence

The next 6 steps a parent can take to help a child develop that ever important self-confidence! 7.  Promote independence Let a child explore his or her world freely.  Make your home as safe as possible so mobile infants and toddlers can explore safely.  Let your child “step away” from you!  Take a deep breath …

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Tell the people you love, “You rock!”

Don’t just tell your kids they “rock”…tell them why! A little “Throw back Thursday”…..a post that helps us to remember to tell those we love the most why we do!  Happy Thursday! I was getting ready to mail a card to my college aged kids the other day.  I try to send a “snail mail” …

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Steps 1-6…helping your child develop self-confidence

Self-confidence is more than just a warm and fuzzy term.  Studies show that people who have high self-esteem and confidence are more successful in school, get along better with friends, are less influenced by peer pressure, and better handle the difficulties of life.  There is no quick fix for confidence.  It is built slowly; it …

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We need Dad’s to be involved in parenting….encourage it!

Brad  as “King for a day!”  He has always been a “hands on” Dad! Dads have a special role in their kids’ lives.  I believe that my parenting would have been incomplete without Brad, but I could have very easily discouraged his involvement very early on.  I was a “gatekeeper” Mom; I needed and wanted …

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Becoming a Dad can bring some doubt and fear

Men and women are different….wow, that tidbit of information is nothing new, right?  However, sometimes we need to say this over and over again so we can understand why men and women respond so differently to the same situation.  Moms and Dads are different, we respond differently to the same parenting situation, we have different …

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Packing tips for traveling with kids…having what you need but keeping it simple.

Vacation season is here! With kids, gone are the days when you can throw a few things in a suitcase and go!  There is a bit more to pack with kids…it seems like you will need everything!  Making a packing list will help.  I often would start a packing list several weeks in advance and …

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Cars and Planes….Entertaining Your Kids for Happy Travels!

So, you have your vacation booked, you are packed, and now you are thinking about how you will entertain your child in the car or on the plane!  Long trips are even longer when you have children who are fussy and bored!  We traveled to the beach each year by car, and took the occasional …

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