You don't have to be perfect to be the perfect parent!

Monthly Archives: December, 2020

Joyful parenting….be mindful

Parenting is a gift….there is not doubt about it.   It is a difficult job, no doubt about it. Days can feel very long and mundane no doubt about it. Society tells us we should be tired, we should be less happy raising children than our childless counter parts. Studies show us that stressed unhappy parents …

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What should be in your child’s playroom?

The Holiday Season is here and the shopping has begun!  I was in Target this past weekend, the toy choices are overwhelming and expensive!  What are the best toys for your child?  Which toys will be fun and valuable for your child’s development? It is difficult to decide what toys are the best choice! I …

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“We always do that!” Why Family Tradition is Important!

Our “traditional” Christmas tree.  A little more “perfectly” decorated than years past….there are ornaments even on the bottom of the tree now!  If we are smart we listen to our children when they say “That is how we always do it!” or “That is what we always do!” even when we have only done it …

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