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A parenting must on your “to do” list…outside every day, and a little dirt too!

Get outside and get a little dirty….it has more benefits for your child and you than you know!  Raising children can bring all kinds of questions and anxiety.  So often parents just wonder if “I am doing it right.”  I often tell parents that parenting with their “gut” is often the best, there are not many …

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Simple tips for you and your child to live a bit “greener” and be healthier!

Keep the changes simple and your child will become “greener” and healthier… I am all about keeping things simple because I know if I try too much too quickly I usually drop the ball.  Helping your child learn to be healthier and a little “greener” really can be simple.  Remember that children learn best by …

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BPA now possibly linked to asthma in children

Bisphenol A or BPA is a very common material that is found in the linings in many canned goods and is put in plastics to keep them flexible.  It has been potentially connected to many health issues in children such as behavior problems, obesity, hormone abnormalities, and not a new study published Journal of Allergy …

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Try a little “green” cleaning!

Make a few changes and clean a little “greener”! I am a self proclaimed clean freak…I like a clean house.  It has been a challenge for me over the years to balance my need for clean and four kids, and I have learned how to “not sweat the small stuff” a little better over the …

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It is not easy being Green…or is it?

Being “green” is a catchword in today’s world.  How “green” is “green”? What can we do to protect our child and the world we live in, but still have the time to enjoy both?   It seems that every day there is a new alert to parents about items to avoid when raising a healthy …

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