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Why is my baby crying???

Is your baby in a PURPLE phase of crying??? I know the look….I remember the feeling.  Every week I see a new Mom with exhausted worried eyes, and the question, “Is this crying and fussing normal?”  Most new parents are not prepared for the amount of crying their precious bundle produces!  Let’s face it, every …

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When is a baby monitor too much?

The new Owl Monitor…is it too much?  (image from https://www.owletcare.com) There are some baby products that I now see and think….”Wow, wish I had that when my kids were little!” I love the fact that the infant car seats pop right onto a stroller (yes, it has been a LONG time since I had an …

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White noise makers….are they helpful or dangerous?

New study questions the use of white noise for infant sleep……is it helpful or dangerous?? How to help infant sleep patterns is a common question I get almost daily.  Exhausted Moms want to know how they can help their infant sleep better and longer resulting in them getting some precious sleep time too!  I have …

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