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Monthly Archives: February, 2012

It is Friday…Choose to be present this weekend!

Friday is here again!  Brad and I are heading to watch 3 of our 4 run at indoor college track and field conference meets this weekend.  We will be driving tonight to one, and then head another 6 hours to watch the other two run on Saturday night.  We are excited, kind of a little …

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Safe sleep for your baby is simple!

Safe sleep is simple…. Sleep…something that new parents usually don’t get enough of!  “How do I help my baby sleep?” is one of the most common questions I get from new parents.  I remember those groggy days after being up and down all night.  The good news is…eventually your baby will sleep! As parents, you …

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Fun is being creative AND a little messy!

Messy is good!  Most kids like activities that involve a little “mess”! I can remember really searching at times to fill the days with activities for my kids.  I checked out books from the library and talked to other Moms to find ideas that were kid friendly and fun.  Now, there are so many ways …

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Protect Those Pearly Whites When Playing Sports

Connor definitely wore mouth protection during football, but you would be surprised in how many sports  mouth guards are recommended! As your child begins to play sports, the battle of the mouth guard will begin.  There are several sports that require mouth guards, like football, lacrosse and hockey but a mouth guard should be used …

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The preschool years!

Dress up and pretend play is part of a preschooler’s life!  Kelsey and Kaitlyn getting ready for a “fancy” tea party we had with friends! One of my favorite stages is preschool age, age 3 to 5.  Those years in our house were full of imagination, dolls, trains, budding friendships, energy, and questions!  Preschoolers can now run, …

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Super Friday!

Two of my daughters and I enjoying the activities downtown Indianapolis.  Have a “super” Friday! The weeks fly fast!  They really do!  We get so busy that one day slides into the next and suddenly a week, month and year are sliding by.  There are days as a parent that feel endless, but if you …

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