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Monthly Archives: February, 2015

Baby Sign…How do you start?

Teach your child sign…help him express his feelings!  The “I love you” sign can be used as a special sign for many years to come! How do you start? 1.  Familiarize yourself with signs through books, websites or other sources.  There are many resources on the web…don’t try to learn all the signs, you will …

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

My “little” Valentines are all grown up! I was talking to several people over the last week about Valentine’s Day, and many Moms and Dads feel like it is another “chore” of parenting anymore.   After all we see Valentine hearts in the stores and on TV from the moment the Christmas decorations come down …

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Date night on a budget!

Be creative and have a “date night”, every parent needs one!  After the talk about reconnecting as a couple, I thought we better talk a bit about how do it on a budget.  I am not saying that I am a “cheap” date, but I am all about atmosphere and mood, not necessarily expense.  I …

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It is the weekend, get a little sleep!

Most parents feel  “out of order” when they are sleep deprived!  Try this weekend to grab a few more minutes of sleep! Ahh sleep…what new parent isn’t wishing for more?  I heard a new parent speak of the first few months of parenting to be as exhausting as the Iron Man Triathlon.  Makes sense to me! …

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Who should you listen to? The measles outbreak…more opinions!

We are responsible to protect our own children, but also the children who are not our own and vulnerable… The measles outbreak is still in the news….many different people have weighed in on the subject. My caution to you is the same as always….remember the source. Ask yourself, is this person an expert in the …

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