You don't have to be perfect to be the perfect parent!

Monthly Archives: July, 2022

Joyful parenting….be mindful.

Parenting is a gift….there is not doubt about it.   It is a difficult job, no doubt about it. Days can feel very long and mundane no doubt about it. Society tells us we should be tired, we should be less happy raising children than our childless counter parts. Studies show us that stressed unhappy parents …

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Your child’s temperament….continued!

See the difference?  Same activity…four different children, several different reactions…embrace your child’s temperament! There are a few more traits that make up your child’s temperament.  Picking up from yesterday…. 5.  Sensory Threshold How sensitive is your child to physical stimuli?  Does your child become overly stimulated in a room full of noise or people?  Does …

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A little of this and a lot of that….what makes up your child’s personality?

Can you tell they have different temperaments??  The parenting technique that worked for one, didn’t necessarily work for the other! Over the next few days, let’s look at the 9 personality traits that make up each of our temperaments.  I know I can pick out myself in these traits and my children.  Remember a parent …

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