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Taking Care of Your Child’s Teeth

This cute little smile cost us several thousand dollars later to straighten it out….but worth it! There is nothing cuter than a toothless grin of a baby.  Next the cute little pearly whites that erupt create a darling smile, then there is a toothless grin again as the tooth fairy starts to make visits to …

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How much juice? None if under age 1!

Why would your child need a glass of juice?  The short answer that the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) gave this week is almost never.  While a juice box of 100% juice for an older child isn’t the worst thing to have, it certainly isn’t the best choice.  This week the AAP recommended even stricter guidelines …

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Keep your child’s smile healthy and bright!

Image courtesy of American Dental Association I can remember that feeling of excitement when I first saw the top of a little tooth poking through our oldest child’s gum….I must admit I remember the shock the first time I felt that tooth when I was nursing too! (Remember, children can bite only if latched incorrectly, …

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Think about a straw cup instead of a sippy!

Sippy cups are everywhere…there are aisles and aisles of them at most discount and baby stores. Cups with soft spouts, cups with hard spouts, cups with valves, cups without valves, cups with straws, cups with handles, and cups of every color and size. Choices, choices and more choices! Once again it seems a parent needs …

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Squeeze pouches…are they a good option for picky toddlers?

Are fruits and vegetables from a pouch the best idea for your toddler? There are several baby items that I wish were around when my four kids were young.  One of the “convenience” items I see so many parents using are the fruit and vegetable “squeeze pouches”.  Ingenious and convenient!  Squeeze the pouch onto a …

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Amber beads….effective or risky for teething pain?

There are many testimonials that amber beads help with teething discomfort…but no real scientific evidence.  In my opinion the risk outweighs the potential benefit.  What are your thoughts? There is nothing worse than seeing your child uncomfortable and not being able to soothe him.  Often parents complain of sleepless nights and fussy days when their …

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Sippy cups are temporary!

Sippy cups serve a purpose….temporarily!  Introduce a cup at 6 months of age, and the sippy cup should be transitioned to a lidless cup by age 3. There have been so many new baby product developments over the years…some very good, some not so much.  The sippy cup is one that has really changed over …

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Sports drinks: not the right choice for children!

Protect those sweet smiles…stick to milk and water for your child’s drinks! I have always loved watching my kids compete in athletics and enjoy friends and teammates.  Such valuable life lessons can be learned through working together as a team. When I attend these events,  there are a lot of sports drinks being consumed by a lot of athletes, …

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Text4Baby….Love it!

                                          Sign up for text4baby!! I sometimes talk and write about the disadvantages to families permanently connected to their cell phone.  With the increase use of cell phones and smart phones (I really think that Siri …

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