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Monthly Archives: October, 2020

Simple steps to prevent childhood obesity…we can do it!

We all have heard that childhood obesity is a major health issue in our country.  Children who are overweight will be more likely to be overweight adults and develop significant health issues.  We hear so much in the media about what to eat, what not to eat, how to cook, how much exercise we all …

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Yes, your child can trick or treat safely in 2020!

Halloween is just around the corner.  As with everything in 2020, things might be a bit different this Halloween.  Children have sacrificed greatly over the last 8 months with remote learning, loss of graduation celebrations, sports that have been cancelled, birthday parties that were different, play dates cancelled and so much more.  Halloween celebrations are such fun for …

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Oh what a difference a year makes! Growth and Development milestones the first year.

                                                          From one day to one year, what a difference a year makes!                                                            The first few months of my children’s lives sometimes felt like a blur.  Parents get VERY little sleep and are just trying to get to know their baby.  I can remember feeling that the first year just flew by and all of …

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