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Monthly Archives: August, 2013

Simple tips for you and your child to live a bit “greener” and be healthier!

Keep the changes simple and your child will become “greener” and healthier… I am all about keeping things simple because I know if I try too much too quickly I usually drop the ball.  Helping your child learn to be healthier and a little “greener” really can be simple.  Remember that children learn best by …

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Minor bumps, bruises, cuts and scrapes of childhood!

You can’t wrap ’em in bubble wrap…bumps, scrapes, cuts and bruises are part of childhood! Childhood is usually full of bumps, scrapes, cuts and bruises!  Most of these are minor injuries, but knowing how to take care of the minor injuries and when to call your health care provider is a parental must.  When I …

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The magic of “Quiet Time”! Both you and your child need it!

Starting a “Quiet Time” with your toddler/preschooler may just save that precious nap time for you both….. Those wonderful afternoons when you finally get to sit down and breathe for just a moment.  Your toddler is sleeping peacefully after a very active morning, and you are getting a chance to regroup.  Suddenly, you have a …

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Taming the Tantrum

The picture of sweetness, until he is tired, in a grocery store, and armed with a can of frozen juice! It was about 11:00 am.  I was in a grocery store with a cart full of groceries rushing to get finished so I could pick up my #3 daughter from morning kindergarten.  My precious son …

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Don’ t leave me with this stranger!

Corri developed a special relationship with Great Grandma, even though it was a rough start with stranger anxiety at 7 months! I took our oldest daughter to see her Great Grandma when she was about 7 months old.  My Grandma was so excited to hold her great-grandchild.  I was ready with the camera, and then …

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Let’s talk toddler!

Kaitlyn was a typical toddler, she definitely had an opinion!  And her mood would change from moment to moment! You wake up one day, and it is a whole new ball game.  You now have a toddler.  Toddlers are so much fun, but can also be a challenge.  We are not used to our child …

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