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Monthly Archives: December, 2014

Parents and Grandparents, are your vaccines up to date?

Parents and Grandparents…you need vaccines too!  Protect the children you love and yourselves! I had a new Dad to be come into our clinic yesterday.  He was requesting “that shot for new Dads so I won’t give my baby whooping cough.”  Yes!  I immediately praised him for being such a great Dad even before his …

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Fun holiday eating for your child!

Wow, the weekend seems like it was only a few hours!  Busy times in all of our homes during the holidays.  I opened my refrigerator last night and was shocked at what I saw.  After a Christmas party at our home, my choices for dinner ingredients seemed to contain either sugar or cheese!  If you …

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Holiday Wish Lists….

All kids have “wish lists”!  Should Santa bring it all? This will definitely date me, but when our 4 children were young, the favorite “book” in the house at this time of year was the J.C. Penney’s catalog.  It was well used!  The pages were tattered, and the kids had toys circled and starred on …

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