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Monthly Archives: March, 2016

The 10 Top Worries of New Moms, Sleep, Poop, Eating and More….Are They Worth the Energy?

As a young Mom, I had worries too….but so many of our worries are not worth the energy it takes to think about them.  I visited with a new Mom this past week, she had a precious, beautiful little girl.  How I loved that time in my life!  I have such wonderful memories of those …

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This is poison prevention week…March 18-24th!

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), every year 60,000  children end up in an emergency department because they took medications while their parent was not looking and over a half million calls each year are made to the poison control centers for the same reason!  In recognition of National Poison Prevention Week, the …

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The scoop on baby poop

New parents can have full conversations revolving around baby poop.  The color of the poop, the amount or lack there of, the smell, the consistency and the frequency all can be topics.   Who ever thought that we would talk about baby poop over dinner and actually put our nose up to our darling child’s …

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Shake it up a bit….and live life more fully!

Don’t let day to day parenting make your life mundane! Sometimes life can become a bit mundane. It shouldn’t….but it can. Often as a parent your days begin to look the same. I smile when I think of an old television commercial about poor Fred the Dunkin’ Donuts Baker….(I am probably showing how old I …

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Play is important child’s work!

If you are a kid…then play is your work!  If you are an adult…then learn to play! Sit for a moment and watch your child.  Just watch…don’t jump in and give your child something to play with…just watch what your child will do.  Children, if left alone and given the opportunity,  will play happily with …

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Thursday March 2nd, Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

“You’re never too old, too wacky, too wild, to pick up a book and read with a child.”  Dr. Seuss March 2nd is  Dr. Seuss’ birthday and National Read Across America Day.  Promote reading and  celebrate with your child! Happy Wednesday! “Over the Hump Day” is always for celebrating, and especially today!  Remember that celebrating …

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Childproofing the bedrooms and living areas

You want your child’s bedroom to be a safe place for your child to sleep and the living area of your home where you will spend a great deal of time should be as hazard free as possible.  Removing hazards will allow your child to explore freely and safely.  Vacuum your home often because I …

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