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What is in your discipline “bag of tricks”?

What is in your discipline bag of tricks? It was 7:30 am and my day was in full swing. I was chasing a two year old trying to get him dressed again. It is barely an hour into the day and I felt like I was on the verge of yelling and a time out …

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Handling your child’s tantrum effectively and lovingly

Recently I was trying to DVR a program on TV.  I am told this is simple…but as I looked at the 4 remotes we have and tried to start the process I just couldn’t make the darn remote work.  I felt the frustration level inside me begin to get to the boiling point, I put …

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Embrace every part of your child….including their temperament

A great combination of active and calm, distractible and intense, regular and chaotic, sensitive and tough, outgoing and shy, goofy and serious, and always love…multiple personality traits and a family better because of it! It isn’t very often that all of us are together for an extended time.  I am looking forward to a family vacation in …

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Your child’s temperament….continued!

See the difference?  Same activity…four different children, several different reactions…embrace your child’s temperament! There are a few more traits that make up your child’s temperament.  Picking up from yesterday…. 5.  Sensory Threshold How sensitive is your child to physical stimuli?  Does your child become overly stimulated in a room full of noise or people?  Does …

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A little of this and a lot of that….what makes up your child’s personality?

Can you tell they have different temperaments??  The parenting technique that worked for one, didn’t necessarily work for the other! Over the next few days, let’s look at the 9 personality traits that make up each of our temperaments.  I know I can pick out myself in these traits and my children.  Remember a parent …

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Parenting with responsiveness and connection

Form a never-ending bond and connection with your child by being loving and responsive. Attachment Parenting, Responsive Parenting, and just plain parenting has always been a common topic among parents, especially since the cover of Time magazine hit the stores  about a year ago showing a breastfeeding Mom and a toddler.  That cover caused quite the …

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Text4Baby….Love it!

                                          Sign up for text4baby!! I sometimes talk and write about the disadvantages to families permanently connected to their cell phone.  With the increase use of cell phones and smart phones (I really think that Siri …

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