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Monthly Archives: August, 2014

Burns, Bites, and Bumps on the Head!

One of the first words many parents teach children is “hot”! Little fingers often explore hot curling irons, stove tops, fire places or other hot things.  About 40,000 children are burned each year and half of these burns happen to children under age 4. Burns hurt!  Of course the best way to prevent burns is …

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Friday….celebrate with a little R and R.

My favorite day of the week is here again.  I am looking forward to a “date night” tonight.  Even with being an “empty nester”, a date night sounds exciting.  It is nice to be out and concentrating only on each other and not the pile of laundry that still is sitting in my laundry room. …

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The preschool years!

Dress up and pretend play is part of a preschooler’s life!  Kelsey and Kaitlyn getting ready for a “fancy” tea party we had with friends! One of my favorite stages is preschool age, age 3 to 5.  Those years in our house were full of imagination, dolls, trains, budding friendships, energy, and questions!  Preschoolers can now run, …

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Is my child reaching developmental milestones?

My husband and I went out to breakfast this morning and he was “flirting” with another girl!  He is a sucker for cute cheeks and bright smiles.  We saw a darling baby with both and a big bow headband to top it off!  The parents allowed us to ooh and ahh over their precious daughter and …

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