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Monthly Archives: July, 2014

When is a baby monitor too much?

The new Owl Monitor…is it too much?  (image from https://www.owletcare.com) There are some baby products that I now see and think….”Wow, wish I had that when my kids were little!” I love the fact that the infant car seats pop right onto a stroller (yes, it has been a LONG time since I had an …

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The weekend is here! I am going to cherish it!

What a great quote for me….remembering to keep my mind present in the moment is often a challenge…but when I am not I miss the gifts of each moment…. Friday is almost here again!  TGIF!  Brad and I have plans to be on a lake with all four of our kids this weekend and I am really looking …

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Handling your child’s tantrum effectively and lovingly

Recently I was trying to DVR a program on TV.  I am told this is simple…but as I looked at the 4 remotes we have and tried to start the process I just couldn’t make the darn remote work.  I felt the frustration level inside me begin to get to the boiling point, I put …

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