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Monthly Archives: June, 2012

Twitter: @RaiseKidsw_LOVE

I have finally branched out to SOCIAL MEDIA- with the help (and persuasion) of my daughter I have ventured into the Twitter world!  Follow me @RaiseKidsw_LOVE.  Be patient with me as I try to figure this new world out but look for more parenting tips, articles and people I like to follow and of course …

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Text4Baby….Love it!

                                          Sign up for text4baby!! I sometimes talk and write about the disadvantages to families permanently connected to their cell phone.  With the increase use of cell phones and smart phones (I really think that Siri …

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What state is the least expensive for child care?

The cost of child care is a big ticket item….check out the state to state comparison by Pete the Planner! Choosing child care is a big decision for many families.  One of my favorite financial gurus Pete the Planner posted some very interesting numbers today.  As any parent who is paying for child care knows, …

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Look at their sweet eyes, and hold onto the moments….

  Those eyes just never change….enjoy every early morning AND every moment! I just returned from my morning walk/run.  What an incredible morning it is. The sun is shining, the air is a little cool and the sky is cloudless. As I was moving along on the trail, I saw a Mom  pushing a stroller …

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Protecting our children….recalled high chair

Do you have one of these?  Product just recalled… Over 35,000 of these convertible high chairs made by Evenflo have been sold since December 2011.  The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announced that Evenflo voluntarily recalled them June 5, 20112.  Model numbers and model names include the Dottie Lime 29111259, Dottie Rose 29111271, and Marianna …

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Vacation…make it a great one!

One of our family vacations…everyone is smiling!  Wow…look at the outfit I have on…times change! The plane has landed or the car has come to a stop…you have finally arrived at your destination!  You want your family to enjoy every minute, so what is first?  Remember how I said vacation is a mindset?  Well that …

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Surviving the airport with children!

Heading to the airport can be such an exciting event, when you are packed, organized, and your children are prepared.  We have done it both ways, and I much prefer the calmer and organized way!  Even if you are organized, it is a challenge to maneuver a family through security, the airport, and finally settling …

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Family vacations…tips to survive the drive!

You are packed and ready to go, just the drive stands between you and vacation…change your mind-set, the drive is part of the vacation!  There are great family memories to be made driving together, games to be played, songs to be sung, picnic lunches to eat and talks to be had.  We drove to most …

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Summer…what will you do?

Summer! Well, Memorial Day Weekend is now in the past, and the first week of “summer” is quickly coming to an end.  There is just something about summer, a feeling of relaxation and freedom.  Even with grown children I look forward to the last day of school and the anticipation of long summer evenings and …

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