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Breaks, Sprains, and Nursemaid Elbow….oh my!

Nursemaid’s elbow is a common toddler injury…and this is one of the most common ways for it to happen! Unfortunately, sometimes childhood comes with broken bones, sprains or the common nursemaid’s elbow injury.  Best treatment for all three is staying calm, immobilizing the area and seeking medical help.  That bubble wrap sounds better and better, …

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Be prepared for the “what ifs”…and then relax!

All week we have talked about what to do if…sometimes the “what ifs” can cause a lot of parental anxiety.  I can’t promise that your child will never have a serious injury, but I can tell you that most often the bumps, bruises, cuts and scrapes of childhood are not serious and can be taken …

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Burns, Bites, and Bumps on the Head!

One of the first words many parents teach children is “hot”! Little fingers often explore hot curling irons, stove tops, fire places or other hot things.  About 40,000 children are burned each year and half of these burns happen to children under age 4. Burns hurt!  Of course the best way to prevent burns is …

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Minor bumps, bruises, cuts and scrapes of childhood!

You can’t wrap ’em in bubble wrap…bumps, scrapes, cuts and bruises are part of childhood! Childhood is usually full of bumps, scrapes, cuts and bruises!  Most of these are minor injuries, but knowing how to take care of the minor injuries and when to call your health care provider is a parental must.  When I …

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Hurricane Isaac…it can affect us all.

Talking to your child about events like Hurricane Isaac can help reduce their stress and develop their empathy.  As I sit listening to the news and the many hardships of our American brothers and sisters that have been in harm’s way with the recent hurricane, I realize that many of our children are hearing the …

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Mouth injuries, nosebleeds, and objects stuck where they shouldn’t be!

  This crayon would be easy to remove….beads on the other hand may be another story!…. 🙂 Ever hear that “hurt cry” and see your little one’s mouth bleeding like crazy?  I can remember walking into our son’s room seeing him seemingly covered with blood after he hit his mouth on the crib rail.  I …

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