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Monthly Archives: July, 2012

Thank goodness it is Friday!

I just texted my kids the traditional TGIF!  It is “Fun Friday” at the Love house.  Since the kids were young, we have celebrated Friday.  When I say celebrate, I mean that we hooped and hollered, had snacks,  ate pizza, maybe even by candlelight, and I had a glass of wine.  I am not sure …

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Be frugal and safe

Wow how things change!  Twenty one years ago when I brought Kaitlyn home from the hospital this car seat was safe, no longer would we use this seat, or the fluffy bunting in the car seat.  In these tough economic times, many of us are looking for ways to stretch our budget.  Baby equipment is expensive.  …

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Tips to prevent ear infections

A few tips to help keep your child’s ears infection free! Ear infections are not fun for you or your child.  There is nothing worse than a child who doesn’t feel well, especially in the middle of the night.  It seems most ear infections become obvious when your child does not sleep, which makes it …

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Antibiotics may not be the answer for your child’s ear infection!

Ear infections are one of the most common illnesses of childhood…the new approach to treatment may surprise you! I saw a toddler with an ear infection today…not that unusual.  Most of our children will have an ear infection at some point with about 3 out of 4 kids having one before age 3.  I remember …

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Beat the heat and check the backseat!

    It has been crazy hot….and the news has reported two tragic incidents of children left in hot cars…I wanted to re-post this to keep this in the forefront of every parent’s mind.  If you see a child left in a car ANYWHERE…cal 911!! Many of you probably have outdoor plans and we don’t always …

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Take Advantage of the Heat…S-L-O-W down.

Slow down and eat more ice cream this weekend!  I found something out the other day…sometimes the heat makes you slow down and enjoy each other!  We are in the middle of a heat wave here in the Midwest.  When I say it is hot…I mean it is HOT!  Too hot to even sit in …

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Booster seats are a must, not an option!

Booster seats are needed until at least age 8…maybe longer for your child’s safety!! We had a wonderful 4th of July, filled with food, fun, and a major blessing.  A very good family friend and his children, age 8 and 5, were hit by a truck running a red light totaling their van.  Both children …

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