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Monthly Archives: September, 2012


Yes, TGIF!  It is Fun Friday!  Have you ever heard your child say ” but that’s how we always do it!”.  Most of us have heard that statement  and often we think, “Really? Always?” What our child is telling us is that what we have done in the past made an impact, it was something that was not only fun, …

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Just a spoonful of “sugar” (honey) for cough!

Just a spoonful of honey may help your little one’s cough! It is that time of year…snotty little noses and coughs.  It is the start of cold season and the peak of seasonal allergies for many kids.  When you have a child that is coughing away at night, keeping everyone awake, the only thought most …

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Should the report that there is arsenic in rice be on your worry list?

So, you opted for rice cakes instead of Oreo cookies for your little one and then last week you hear that arsenic has been found in many rice products!  Wow, as parents sometimes you feel like you just can’t win, and there goes another addition to that darn worry list.  Here are the facts, and …

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How long is the whooping cough vaccine working?

Whooping cough continues to be on the increase…a new study may show us one reason why! There have been a few news reports that I have seen about a new study just published in  The New England Journal of Medicine regarding how long the DTaP vaccine works in protecting against whooping cough.  Children receive three …

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