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Keeping the peace….

All smiles building the sandcastle…took some sibling cooperation…but life with four kids wasn’t always full of sibling cooperation! “Mom, she is looking at me!”  “Mom, she is touching my stuff!”  “He called me dumb!”  “Ow, quit pinching me!”  Ahh, the sounds of loving sisters and brothers.  I have heard these “wonderful” sounds often in our …

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Why keeping the peace at home may be even more important….

New study on sibling bullying…something all parents of more than one child need to think about!  When is rivalry really bullying? Last night after dinner my two kids that are home for the summer were helping clean up the kitchen.  Even at their “mature” age there was just a few jabs thrown about who was working …

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Text4Baby….Love it!

                                          Sign up for text4baby!! I sometimes talk and write about the disadvantages to families permanently connected to their cell phone.  With the increase use of cell phones and smart phones (I really think that Siri …

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Number 2 on the way….what were we thinking??

Our oldest loving her little sister….every moment wasn’t always this precious! Most parents experience pure excitement and joy when they learn they are pregnant with their first child.  They dive right in to learning about a healthy pregnancy, preparing for labor and delivery, and planning the nursery.  Often the experience is a little different when pregnancy occurs for …

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