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Monthly Archives: January, 2014

Some things never change!

Your “Mom words” never change!  🙂  I was on the phone at different times this week with each of our 4 children.  After several of my conversations I realized that even though I am in a different season of parenting than many of you, my conversations can sometimes be very similar! You:  “Try a bite….yummmm.  Try …

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So it is a little cold…get outside anyway!

The weather outside is frightful….well at least cold!  Looks like we will be having a winter with more snow and cold than we did last year.  I am a fan of snow, and even cold weather, it makes me appreciate the spring.  I am not a fan of feeling cooped up, and I remember those days …

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Are You One Tired Mom?

Have you had one of those days when you woke up and asked if you really slept….your toddler spilled his morning cup of milk and spit out his favorite French toast sticks…your preschooler looked right at you and then carried his PBJ and sticky fingers to your computer after you said “no”…your toddler refused to …

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Hide that salt shaker, it makes a difference in your child’s health too!

Don’t train your child’s taste buds to crave salt! Salt just got another bad rap with a study published regarding sodium intake and children’s blood pressure.   We Americans (including our children) eat way too much salt.  On average most of us consume 1 to 3 teaspoons of salt a day which is about 2,300 to …

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What can we do to raise healthy, happy children?

So much more to raising a healthy family than just nutrition and exercise! I can remember looking at our first daughter Corri when she was first-born.  My heart was full and being the type A personality that I am, my mind was already thinking about ALL that Brad and I needed to do to provide her with …

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Healthy Diet for You Results in More Energy and Healthy Children Too!

Healthy eating gives you the energy you need to be a Mom!! Being a Mom takes a lot of energy.  Not telling you anything you didn’t know, right?  One of the most common complaints of Moms is feeling tired all the time.  I can’t promise you that you will not be tired after a long …

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Keep that holiday feeling….

I am sitting here gearing up for taking down my Christmas tree.  It is tired, the needles are dropping, but I am enjoying it again this early morning.  I always hate taking that first ornament off the tree, kind of represents the end of a season I love.  I was telling my daughter this as …

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“Mommy time out” a must!

    Do you need a Mommy Time Out??    Sometimes cabin fever can result in a little Mommy overload.  Remember, you can carve out a few moments for a “time out” if you try.  This will allow you then to give yourself totally to your child again without feeling “put out” about it!  How …

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New Year…New Hopes…New Beginnings

  2014….What are your hopes for your family? There really is no magic to the first of January (or January 2nd!).  This time of year often brings moments of reflection, thoughts of ways to improve, new goals and mindsets.  However, the first of January really is no different from the start of every day, it …

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