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Monthly Archives: January, 2013

Want dry nights ahead? Try going without the Pull Up!

Help your child develop nighttime dryness…go without the Pull Up! Your little one is rocking with daytime potty training but struggling with being dry at night?  Are you tired of changing sheets several times a week, or are you still buying Pull Ups? Bed wetting is very common in children who are potty trained during …

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TGIF! It is Fun Friday, celebrate your week!

  It is Friday, my favorite day of the week!  A day that brings me “ahhh” moments as I breathe after a busy week.  I am sure that you say, “Breathe?”  “My Friday and Saturday is like my Monday!”  Sometimes it can feel that way when you have small children at home.  Every day you …

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Study shows, less TV before bed results in better sleep for children!

Want your child to fall asleep easier tonight?  Turn off the TV! Wow this 5:00 am wake time for me today will result in me having a cup of coffee about 3:00 pm today!  I am an early riser, but I happened to be have a late bedtime last night too!  If you have a …

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Flu season is worse than last year! It is not too late to get protected!

  I try not to add to parent’s worries…we all seem to have enough already!  There are times though, that I do resort to a little bit of the fear factor.  Recent information from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) tells us that we are having a flu season that is worse than last year.  …

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