You don't have to be perfect to be the perfect parent!

Look at their sweet eyes, and hold onto the moments….


Those eyes just never change….enjoy every early morning AND every moment!

I just returned from my morning walk/run.  What an incredible morning it is. The sun is shining, the air is a little cool and the sky is cloudless. As I was moving along on the trail, I saw a Mom  pushing a stroller with her sweet toddler.  The little girl was still in her pajamas, hair was definitely slept on, pacifier in her mouth, and a lovey by her side.  I slowed down and waved to her with a cheery good morning…I looked into her little eyes which were bleary and not ready to be awake yet but there was a little half grin.  A sweet moment for that Mom and little one….a great way to welcome the morning together.

As I returned home and entered the kitchen, I met my two college aged kids heading out for their work day.  I keep telling them how lucky they are that they were able to find work this summer (I am not sure that they would call it lucky!)  I looked at each of them, both a little quiet (or grumpy), hair definitely had been slept on, and my cheery good morning was met with a muffled response. I looked at their bleary eyes, just not ready to be awake yet and I suddenly had a flash back to those toddler mornings.  Those mornings of sleepy toddlers that wandered down stairs in their pajamas with their loveys.  I can remember being completely overwhelmed with love as I saw their little faces…even if it had been a rough night, the mornings were always sweet.  As I looked into my kids’ eyes this morning, the same rush filled me, those eyes just don’t change.  Enjoy the moments…parenting is wonderful.

Take a breath, enjoy the joyful moments of each day, and remember you don’t have to be perfect to be the perfect parent.



  1. I loved this article CIndy! Being a parent is the best! Thanks for reminding us to enjoy every minute of it.


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