You don't have to be perfect to be the perfect parent!

Summer…what will you do?


Well, Memorial Day Weekend is just around the corner, and the first week of “summer” is quickly approaching.  There is just something about summer, a feeling of relaxation and freedom.  Even with grown children I look forward to the last day of school and the anticipation of long summer evenings and less rush in our life.  I guess summer is really a mind set.  Well, it is time to enter the “summer mindset” and enjoy.  Summer is fleeting, the moments move quickly, and before we know it the fireflies are gone replaced by fall colors.  So start that summer bucket list…what will you and your child do to build memories of  the LONG summers of childhood; the kind that seemed to be lazy and filled with true summer fun.  Here are some suggestions for your summer bucket list, I know these are on mine!

  1. A trip to the beach.  Any beach!  Something about sand and summer.  Be sure to bring sand toys and a full afternoon.
  2. Berry picking.  Berries are in season all summer.  Strawberries now, then black raspberries, red raspberries and blueberries.  Nothing better than a berry straight from the vine and then a shortcake or cobbler that evening for dessert.
  3. Evening bike rides.  After the heat of the day, a cool evening ride down the Monon Trail is such a wonderful end to a day.  Of course, it is even better when we stop for ice cream before we head home.  Best when I can convince my husband it is not a competition!
  4. Free summer concerts.  I love to head to the summer concerts that are offered all over the area.  Pack up the kids, a few snacks and a blanket and head out to a little music under the stars.  Kids love to twirl and dance to the music and what a wonderful way to introduce all the different music varieties to your children, for free!  Try going kidless too…what a great date night!
  5. Baseball.  What is summer without it?  Take in a game and don’t forget the peanuts and popcorn.  Victory Field offers wonderful grassy seats on the hill!
  6. A trip to the farm.  For this city slicker, a trip to the local dairy farm is always a treat.  Take a tour of Trader’s Point Creamery, enjoy the beauty of the area and sample some ice cream, or just take a drive outside the city through farm country.  Stop at roadside farm stands and sample the taste of summer.
  7. Hit the local drive-in root beer stand.  I think this is a memory from my childhood that just screams summer.  I can remember the excitement of having the tray hooked to our car window and the “baby” mugs of root beer being delivered right to the car.  Healthy eating??  Not so much.   Great memories?…absolutely.  Memories win in this case.
  8. Lunch time picnics.  No work, no real planning, no mess…just PB&J and relaxation on a blanket.  A little running or rolling down a grassy hill and great naps after!
  9. Fireflies.  Summer brings the magic of fireflies.  Even the youngest child and oldest adult can be mesmerized by looking at a backyard “light up” with flashes of magical light.  Be sure to stay up past your child’s bedtime for the show…at least once.
  10. Popsicles.  Cold, juicy and dripping down your arm…pure summer.

So that is the start of a Summer Bucket List…simple right?  Just sit for a moment and think about the days ahead.  Don’t let the summer days slip by without experiencing the lazy, hazy days. No pressure, just experience it.  Give your child the memories of LONG summers…even though the moments go quickly.  Share your list!

Take a breath, enjoy the joyful moments of each day, and remember you don’t have to be perfect to be the perfect parent.


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