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Bumps, a few….but blessings…a lot more!

I have had the privilege of being a Mom to these 4 kids….there have been a few bumps….but many more blessings!   Motherhood is a gift beyond gifts….. As I sit here in my PJs drinking my morning coffee, I am reflecting about my years as a Mom. Hard to believe that I have been mothering …

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TGIF! It is Fun Friday, celebrate your week!

  It is Friday, my favorite day of the week!  A day that brings me “ahhh” moments as I breathe after a busy week.  I am sure that you say, “Breathe?”  “My Friday and Saturday is like my Monday!”  Sometimes it can feel that way when you have small children at home.  Every day you …

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Enjoy today……today

Time flies quickly…enjoy each moment.  It is a quiet morning…the oldest two are at work and the youngest two left to go back to college after the summer.  I am appreciating the quiet because I am trying to enjoy each moment for the moment.  But, I remember not too longer ago, sitting in this same …

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