You don't have to be perfect to be the perfect parent!

Bumps, a few….but blessings…a lot more!


I have had the privilege of being a Mom to these 4 kids….there have been a few bumps….but many more blessings!   Motherhood is a gift beyond gifts…..

As I sit here in my PJs drinking my morning coffee, I am reflecting about my years as a Mom. Hard to believe that I have been mothering for 30 years! The journey has had its bumps….but more than bumps it has had its blessings. The world will often tell Moms that their role is difficult, that it is full of sacrifice and sometimes that sacrifice is too much. Society tells us that Moms give up too much, and they put aside too much of themselves for their children. As I sit here this morning in my slippers and glasses, not feeling too beautiful, I realize that my life has been completely beautiful. I have been given the greatest gift and have experienced the four greatest blessings.

As a Mom I have been given the privilege of loving four children to adulthood. I have had four children looking at me with eyes of trust and open hearts. I have had the gift of teaching them right from wrong, caring for them in the middle of the night, kissing their skinned knees, attending their school musicals, cheering their athletic endeavors, pointing out their talents, discovering this wonderful world again through their curious eyes, celebrating their successes, loving them through their disappointments and praying for them each and every morning and night. I have been given the privilege of seeing my children grow up into people who I like and respect; I am reaping the fruits of my labor.

My children have made me a better person…I am more patient (I am sure my kids are saying, really?), I have learned the gift of self-sacrifice, I have learned more about my own talents and yes, my shortcomings, I have learned that I am tough….I can handle stress….and I have a lot of love to give. I have had the opportunity to see the world again and again through new eyes which has increased my appreciation for simpler things. Having children has increased my love for my own Mom…because now “I get it”. The blessings continue each and every day of Motherhood, I am blessed beyond words. So are you, Moms…enjoy this amazing gift of being a Mom…it truly is something great. Yes, there are a few bumps…but so many more blessings. Have a Happy Mother’s Day, you each deserve it!

Take a breath, enjoy the joyful moments of each day, and remember you don’t have to be perfect to be the perfect parent.




  1. Jane Kaelin

    Amen!! I always see and reflect on my plaque in the kitchen……”MY GREATEST BLESSINGS CALL ME MOM”!!!! Have a wonderful Mother’s Day to you Cindy, one of my greatest blessings!!!


  2. Hartke, Colleen

    Well Said Cindy!! It truly is a blessing being a mother! Hope you have a wonderful Mother’s day! Love you!


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