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Some things never change!

Your “Mom words” never change!  🙂  I was on the phone at different times this week with each of our 4 children.  After several of my conversations I realized that even though I am in a different season of parenting than many of you, my conversations can sometimes be very similar! You:  “Try a bite….yummmm.  Try …

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Even adults need moments of play! TGIF!

TGIF!  My favorite day of the week is here again.  I am looking forward to “playing” a bit this weekend.  Even with being an “empty nester” my days get filled with “have to’s”;  so a little play time sounds wonderful.  I will probably sleep a bit later, savor my morning coffee a bit longer, breathe …

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Look at their sweet eyes, and hold onto the moments….

  Those eyes just never change….enjoy every early morning AND every moment! I just returned from my morning walk/run.  What an incredible morning it is. The sun is shining, the air is a little cool and the sky is cloudless. As I was moving along on the trail, I saw a Mom  pushing a stroller …

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